“Home inspections.. with absolute character and integrity.”

lisle Radon Testing and home inspections

Why have a home inspection?

INVESTMENT! Buying or selling a home is one of the most important transactions you will make. A professional home inspection can help you optimize your investment. At Stu’s Absolute Inspections, we believe in the importance of a fair, accurate, and unbiased inspection, to help you understand the condition of the home you are buying or selling.

OBJECTIVE! A home inspection is an evaluation of the current condition of the home so you are making an informed decision in your real estate transaction. Many home buyers get emotional when looking at a house and are thinking about furniture placement and paint colors. Home inspectors, fortunately, aren’t distracted by fresh paint—they’re looking at the guts of the home and what makes it all work. The expertise of Stu’s Absolute Inspections will take care of the technical aspects of your purchase or sale.

PROFESSIONAL! You wouldn’t buy a car having to guess on its mileage…why would you buy a house without knowing its physical condition? Let a professional like Stu provide you with that critical information about your new home!